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Hard Bait

Larry Dahlberg, host of the Hunt for Big Fish, walks you through how to mold and cast the famous Whopper Plopper topwater lure.

The Swim Whizz lure manufacture shows how prototyping their lures with MakeLure.com products is easy and extremely effective for testing new designs.


Mold making and casting with Donato of Donato's Custom Lures.

Larry Dahlberg shows how to make an Alabama Rig using Alumilite products.

Mold and cast a marlin head lure with Hunt for Big Fish's Larry Dahlberg, using Alumilite products.

Make your own realistic fish head lure with Alumilite products.

St.Clair Bait Company in Michigan uses products from Alumilite to make fishing lures for muskie. This video illustrates the casting and finishing process for these lures.

"Hunt for Big Fish" Larry Dahlberg shows how to use Alumilite products to make your own lure.

Graham Smith uses Alumilite's High Strength 3 silicone moldmaking rubber and RC-3 casting resin to make his CrankCraft back-trolling crankbaits for steelhead and bass.