Make your own custom lures using Alumilite's easy to use mold making and casting materials. Design, create, mold, and cast your one of a kind lure or replicate and customize your favorites to create an advantage over everyone else on the water. Alumilite's materials allow you to pour your own lures that do exactly what you want them to do with custom colors that no one else will throw. Make your own lures for a fraction of the cost of buying them.

Your lure, your way - Your fishing advantage.

Whether you're trying to copy an old lure, or create a new one, the detailed video tutorials, broad range options, and simplicity of using the Alumilite family of products will have you dialed in no time! You will be amazed how easy, and enjoyable it is to create, mold and cast your own lures!
Larry Dahlberg - The hunt for big fish.


Over the years fishing enthusiasts have enjoyed making their own custom lures with Makelure materials. They are excited to share their lures with you! Click here to add your lure pictures today.

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Makelure - Make your own lure
Makelure - How to make my own lure
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Makelure - Make my own lure
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Makelure - DIY Lure making kit

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