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Lure Dynamics

In this video Larry shows how to make a strong, nearly indestructible jig head lures. He also demonstrates how to use MakeLure's Alumi-UV protective coating that cures in a few short minutes.

Casting Injection Soft Plastic Mold

Make production lure molds of your own custom lures quickly and easily using Alumilite's silicone rubber mold making materials.

Make your own injection lure molds for a fraction of the cost and time than machining, using products from MakeLure.com This video demonstrates the mold making process and products used

Larry Dahlberg Lure Dynamics

Larry Dahlberg, host of the Hunt for Big Fish, shows you how to work with Alumisol to pour all of your own soft plastic baits.

Injection Soft Plastic Mold

Replicating Soft Plastic Lures with Vac 50 Resin

Casting Lure Dynamics

Larry and Mike visit (a university in Sweden directed towards all aspects of the fishing industry) to take part in a lure build off challenge.

Hard Bait Lure Dynamics

Lure Making Utilizing 3D Printing.

This video demonstrates the use of 3D printing for lure making, followed by making a silicone mold and casting lures with Alumisol soft plastic.

Casting Hard Bait

"Hunt for Big Fish" Larry Dahlberg shows how to use Alumilite products to make your own lure.

Larry demonstrates a few techniques for making your own big flies.

Soft Bait

Less than $5 to make your mold and only .03-4 cents per worm to cast your own! Plus remelt old used worms to make them even cheaper.

In this video Larry shows some techniques for making your own marlin type lures using products from MakeLure.com.