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Larry Dahlberg Musky

Larry designs a lure to fit water conditions and how muskie are reacting to lures. Larry uses Alumilite Mold Putty to make and pour the Double Wubble.

Larry Dahlberg Lure Dynamics

Increase the size of a silicone rubber mold to make an existing lure significantly bigger while maintaining the dimensional stability.

Hard Bait Lure Dynamics

Foiling and finishing techniques by Swedish lure maker Gaddgapet.

Hard Bait

Learn how to use the Hard Bait Kit by Makelure


Lure Dynamics

Larry demonstrates a new technique for adding scale patterns to lures.

Lure Dynamics

Learn how to adjust lure action by changing the durometer (or hardness) of soft plastic lures.

Larry Dahlberg Soft Bait

In this video, Larry demonstrates a new way to make soft plastic worm baits using Alumisol and Alumidust

Hard Bait Lure Dynamics

How to Make a Glide Bait - An in depth look at how Center of Gravity, Buoyancy, and Control Surfaces impact lure performance.

Casting Hard Bait

Mold and cast a marlin head lure with Hunt for Big Fish's Larry Dahlberg, using Alumilite products.

Hard Bait Larry Dahlberg

Larry Dahlberg shows how to make an Alabama Rig using Alumilite products.

Lure Dynamics

Quick and easy method for using Alumilite's Mold Putty for quick and easy custom lead molds. Putty cures in less than 10 minutes and picks up the exact detail of your original.

Soft Bait

This video demonstrates how to make a multi-cavity mold of a lure and also shows how to mold hooks and jig heads inside of the lure.