Casting Resins - Rigid
Alumires (RC-3) - Tan

A great general purpose economic resin for casting large functional, durable, and cosmetic pieces.
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Alumilite White (Amazing Casting Resin)

Provides users with an extremely user friendly rigid urethane that has good overall physical properties and a beautiful cosmetic white appearance.
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Alumilite Clear

Alumilite Clear is an optically clear resin that is great for a wide variety of clear casting applications. It gives you a beautiful crystal clear cast piece with superior polishability. Vacuum or Pressure casting is recommended to achieve perfectly bubble free parts. Recommended for industrial use only.
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Alumilite Water Clear

Alumilite Water Clear produces a high impact rigid clear casting that is commonly used for lenses, encapsulations, and water reproductions.
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Vac-Master 50

Vac Master 50 is a high temperature aluminum filled casting material used to make cold cast aluminum molds for injecting soft plastic.
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Alumi-UV is a single component, semi-flexible, extremely durable, crystal clear doming and coating resin. Once cured with UV or black light, it produces a high gloss coating on paper, plastic, wood, metal, and more.
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Casting Resins - Flexible
Alumisol Soft Plastic

Quick and easy to use phthalate-free system enables you to pour extremely soft rubber parts. Perfect for lure makers, special effects artists, rapid prototyping, and medical reproductions such as skin, fat, and muscle tissue.
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Heat Stabilizer

Additive used to remelt and recycle previously poured Alumisol Soft Plastic castings. 1 teaspoon per quart of Alumisol to be re-melted. Phthalate-free.
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Alumisol Softener

Allows user to soften Alumisol Soft Plastic to extremely low 00 shore hardness ratings. Phthalate-free.
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Alumisol Hardener

Additive used in Alumisol to increase the hardness and firmness of the finished Alumisol casting. Phthalate-free.
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Flex Series Urethane **Reformulated!**

Alumilite entire line of Flex systems ranging in hardness from soft flexible urethane rubber (20A) for automotive, medical, and gasket applications all the way to very hard durometers (80A) used for industrial rollers, nests, fixtures, and bumpers in a wide variety of industries. The Flex line of urethane elastomers are extremely tough, yet extremely easy to use.
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Rigid Foam

AlumiFoam is a 2 part structural foam that provides users with a good skin and an extremely hard, durable, 20 lb density structural foam. Expands 2 times the original liquid volume.
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610 Foam

Cures to a rigid, self skinning, light weight, durable foam. Expands up to 10 times the original liquid volume.
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Super Foam 320

Super Foam 320 is an easy to use 2 part expandable foam. It makes reinforcing or casting your own foam pieces extremely easy. Buy Now

Casting Resins - Flexible Foam
Flexible Foam 3lb. Density

Flexible Foam 3lb. Density is a 2-part self-skinning flexible foam that produces a 2-4 lb. density, cushion type foam. Expands approximately 5x its original volume.
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